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With definite goal-to bring the high value and reliability outdoors products for the market,ClaudVan was built in 2010 and has been committed to the research,development ,production and sale of outdoors products.The current flagship product is LED flashlight like dailyuse flashlight,tactical flashlight,dive flashlight and multifunctional emergency solar power flashlight with radio which is not only a LED flashlight but also a unmissable good solution and reserve for emergency and wonderful life ......

Application and maintenance of dive flashlight
Submersible flashlights use attention: for a long time, it must be taken out of the battery to avoid damage to the flashlight, and do not shine on the eyes of others, it will damage the eyes.Non professional personnel, do not disassemble flashlights, to prevent damage to the circuit board.
  • What is the diving flashlight that meets the standards and requirements?
    Submersible flashlight is a kind of underwater light. The earliest submersible flashlight is only used as a diver, but as people are more interested in the sea...
  • What are the functions of an outdoor flashlight
    What functions should outdoor flashlights have? Nowadays many people like outdoor sports, so outdoor lighting equipment is also very particular.
  • What is a flameproof and strong light flashlight
    Explosion-proof flashlight has been a lot of family, outdoor, tactical, military and police necessary products, basically, now many rural families...
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